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Tina Baker, 
Professional Energy Kinesiologist
Family Constellation Facilitator

Tina Baker graduated from Lesley University with a BS in education and has taught in public school classrooms and in corporate settings.  As a top level manager for a distribution company, she has overseen staffing, provided quality customer service, and created financial and strategic plans.  She is President of Phase Transition, Incorporated.  

In 2007, Tina was recognized as the first certified Level II Energy Kinesiologist in the United States.  Optimal brain performance was at the root of much of Tina’s early training and work with clients which led to a specialization in Sensory Integration.  A desire to provide families with additional support led to Family Constellations Workshops and Trainings.  Recently Tina began offering Touch For Health training as another support tool for clients and families interested in optimal health and success.

A typical session begins with goal setting followed by getting in touch with blocks to the goal, and finally some balancing is done to give support for change to occur.  Clients wishing to be free of pain, depression, or difficulties in relationships gain results in one visit.  On-going support is sometimes needed, especially for issues related to increasing memory, increasing brain integration or better balance and support may take the form of exercises, affirmations, essential oils, flower essences, or even listening to a particular type of music.  Each session is as unique as the person seeking change.