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"My husband and I came to see Tina and Melissa because our child was out of control.  They taught us what our child's world was like.  We did exercises to discover our sensory needs and recognize how we feel when those needs aren't met.  We also learned to speak the same "sensory" language, and how to regulate ourselves.  All of our kids learned how to regulate themselves through food choices and exercises.  It has been three years and my daughter still comes to me to do the exercises with her.  I don't know how they do what they do, but I am SO glad they do."  SS, CA
"Phase Transition lives up to it's name.  I have been coming to see Tina for more than 5 years, through physical ailments, job stress, relocation and being laid off.  Through each phase, I have leaned new stress relief exercises and techniques, and they REALLY work for me.  Most recently I have looked at the behavioral genetics of the situations I find myself in.  I never would have looked at family history repeating itself as being significant, but now I know it can be.  I am so grateful for the support and perspective Tina brings to her work."  LK, CA
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What makes Phase Transition, Inc. different?

We specialize in brain integration, couples communication, improved family dynamics, and achievable goal setting for individuals, families and organizational groups. 

We use a client-centered approach to address a wide range of imbalances including:

Oppositional defiance/sensory integration issues
Lack of/inability to focus
Obsessive or recurring thoughts/actions
Anxiety, rage, depression
Self-esteem and self-image problems
Career challenges
Marital and relationship conflicts
Stress related to tics, seizures, dyspraxia
Obesity and other addictions
Inability to achieve goals

Phase Transition practitioners use dialogue, muscle monitoring and/or body awareness to get a complete understanding of the presenting issue.  Correction options include acupressure, essential oils, essences, guided imagery, constellations and much more.  These non-invasive methods can help to reduce stress and pain, improve performance at school, work, home, sports, and relationships, as well as promote overall health and well being. 

Our consultants offer appointments and classes on evenings and weekends to fit your busy schedule.

Note:  We do not seek to treat or diagnose, but to use muscle feedback, self awareness and educational exercises to illuminate areas of stress, identify specific ways to address the stress, and support clients as they move toward balance and improved health and quality of living.  Family members are encouraged to be a part of these sessions.